Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection is also known as Candidiasis. This is a fungal infection that can affect on: genitals, skin, throat, mouth and blood. The type of yeast, called Candida is usually found in the human body, but in small amounts. The Yeast infections start when the amount of this yeast is seriously increased. Some drugs and health problems can cause yeast to grow even more. This usually happens in moisture and warm areas of our body. This will cause uncomfortable and in some cases dangerous symptoms. There are several types of Yeast infection. They are:
•    Oropharyngeal candidiasis or oral candidiasis is the type of this infection if it is in the throat or mouth.
•    A yeast infection is if it attacks genital area.
•    When this infection is on a baby’s bottom area, it is called a diaper rash.
•    In a case when it gets into the bloodstream, it is called candidemia or invasive candidiasis.

Thrush is a yeast infection that affects the throat or mouth area. Adults, who are healthy usually don’t get this infection. It is often present among: elderly, infants, patient who are under chemotherapy and people with AIDS or weak immune system. The symptoms are: discomfort or redness in the affected area, white spots on the tongue or mouth, sore throat and cracks in the mouth. 

Vaginal yeast infections include symptoms: itching, soreness, white vaginal discharge and painful intercourse. On men, this type of infection can cause red penis and itching. It can be transmitted through intercourse. Yeast infection may cause diaper rash in some cases. Invasive Yeast Infection is severe type and it requires immediate medical care.