3 Major Ways Being Overweight Affects Your Health

Do you tend to be casual about your tendency to overeat and frequently get out of shape? The fallout of unhealthy weight gain is a complex web of problems that can snowball into very real risks to your health. Here are some reasons being overweight could be dangerous to you:

Risks of heart disease
Your body mass is a significant factor in the health of your whole vascular system, or, speaking plainly, the health and normal functioning of your heart and blood circulation. Problems associated with being overweight such as a high blood pressure and the narrowing of blood vessels could drastically increase your chances of suffering from a debilitating heart condition in the future.

Problems with the kidneys and liver
The high blood pressure caused by being overweight could damage your kidneys and even lead to chronic kidney disease or failure. Excess fat could also damage your liver, severely affecting your normal metabolism. These two organs perform critical body functions and long-term problems could lead to great cost and misery. It's therefore crucial to mind that your weight troubles do not get out of hand.

Susceptibility to developing arthritis
Arthritis normally occurs due to age or injury, but could well be brought about by weight troubles causing too much stress on your joints. This is a very painful and restrictive condition and could severely limit mobility over time. Being overweight could accelerate early onset of arthritis because  of continual stress and inflammation caused by the excess weight. 

These are the more obvious risks brought about by gaining excess weight, and there are many others, including depression and issues with your body image. It's therefore best to be mindful of weight gains and steer clear of excesses well in advance.