Use tap water instead of bottled water

Some decades ago it was unimaginable to buy drink water. But the consumerism has reached at such point that water has become world’s best selling drink. Many thinkers and philosophers have warned that the clean air is going to join the club soon. The amount of bottled water sale is continuously increasing. Very few of us remember the days when people use to drink water from fountain in the park or school. Why people are buying water at inflated price when they can just get it for free?  The packaged water might be better in quality but it harms the environment more than tap water. 

The processes involved in the packaging, processing and marketing of the water has higher carbon footprint. The amount of carbon-di-oxide in half liter of packaged water is 82.8 grams, much higher than tap water.  The low recycling rate of the water bottles makes the situation worse in the United States. But the basic question is why people are paying water taxes and still opting for bottled water? The solution of the problem is simple. You can end this vicious circle of capitalism, which is trying to milk the profit out of basic human needs by simple not buying the same. 

The water companies argue that bottled water is safer than tap water but there are no scientific studies to back the same. In advanced countries, tap water comes from natural water sources like springs and then the water has to clear all safely standards before it ends up into your glass.