Smoking is Injurious for Body Parts

We are all aware of the fact that Smoking is very injurious to our health. Even media have made many commercials showing effects of smoking on body parts, but those who are addicted to it are not ready to quit it. Smoking can be responsible for many diseases. It do not have instant effect but damages almost every organs of your body slowly due to presence of harmful toxins in it .Smoking is a very dangerous habit. We would like to highlight some of the organs which are affected most by Smoking .First being Lungs: essential organ for respiration .Smoking damages lungs creating problem in respiration .Different toxins of Smoke stick to the surface of lungs ,thereby affecting its functionality and creating blockage .Due to this, brain does not get proper oxygen to perform its function which results in making smoker feel tired every time. In severe cases, lung cancer can also occur .Second organ that is affected more is your Cardiovascular System: includes heart and the blood vessels. Smoking makes heart beat faster resulting in strain on muscles which can cause strokes. Third one being your Immune system: smoking decreases your immunity to fight against infectious diseases. Person becomes more susceptible to different mild to severe infections resulting in influenza and other infections of the lungs. Fourth being your skin is also affected .Smoking damages your skin and makes you look aged. Other problems which can occur are Kidney failure or cancer. Reproductive system is also affected due to smoking.