One Third US Population Can’t Access Stroke Centers within an Hour

It is crucial that treatment for sudden stroke is provided as swiftly as possible so that the risk of long-term damage could be reduced. But unfortunately, a recent study has displayed that one third of US population won’t be able to access a basic stroke care within one hour when an emergency occurs.

The report, published on internet in Neurology, is a population-level online trial depicting how long it may take for patients to reach stroke centre following alterations to systems of therapy.

“Study has displayed that specialized stroke centre has the ability to reduce disability and even death,” says Dr. Michael T. Mullen, the study author. He further says, “Stroke is a time-critical disease, and thus needs special quick medical help”. “Each second after the stroke starts, human brain cells die, therefore it’s relatively significant that specialized stroke help center be swiftly accessible to the people, says Mullen.

As per the authors, stroke is certainly one of the leading reasons of unnatural death as well as disability in the United States. The problem starts when the flow of human blood to a part of the brain is stopped or artery in human brain leaks or ruptures.

In the year of 2012, the starting of a three-tiered regionalized stroke care systems were established. This also involved the designation of a few hospitals as CSCs (comprehensive stroke centers) and PSCs (primary stroke centers), offering the greatest level of health care.
The study simply reveals the fact that due to not reachable cancer centers, life of US citizens is at high risk.