4 health benefits of tea

When the weather gets chilly is the best time to sit down with a hot cup of tea in hand. That’s so relaxing, isn’t it? Well, it’s been proven that drinking several cups of black tea is connected with 31% reduction ovarian cancer risk (compared to only drinking one cup or none) according to fresh findings in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The unexpected benefits of this loved beverage do not end with reducing ovarian cancer risk. Following are additional benefits;

It can lower your blood pressure

Many different studies have concluded that people who took green or black tea on a daily basis for a 12 week period had lower blood pressure as compared to those who drank tea for a lesser period. Green tea had a greater effect on blood pressure than black tea.

It can cut down your risk for pancreatic cancer

Researchers studying the link between green tea and pancreatic cancer have found that women particularly benefited from green tea. Those who took tea often had a 32% lower risk of getting pancreatic cancer compared to women who didn’t drink.

It could reduce stress

Oh yes, tea could be the most ordered beverage by most people for a relaxing social encounter. A small research released just this July found that green tea and shaded white tea may help you to relax. Researchers found that participants doing stressful tasks who drank either green tea or white had less stress markers than those who drank water.