Is the Flexitarian Diet best for you?

The aim of Flexitarian diet is to lose weight and live healthy. Flexitarians live 3.5 longer than carnivorous counterparts, and they have lower rates of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The Flexitarian is a combination of two words, flexible and vegetarian. This means that this diet is based on fruit and vegetables. 

If you want to become a Flexitarian, you will have to add 5 food groups. ‘’New meat’’ (beans, tofu, nuts and peas), whole grains, fruit and vegetables, and sugar and spice. You will also have a 5 week eating plan. It will provide you recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and one snack. You can swap these recipes after this period. In general, breakfast have 300 calories, lunch 400 and dinners a bit more, 500 calories. Each snack has 150 calories. Depending on your gender, age, weight and physical activity, you can change these recipes in order to take less or more calories. 

According to researchers, you will lose weight with this diet. Flexitarian eat less calories and their body mass index is lower. The pros of this diet are: it is flexible and you will have a lot of delicious recipes. Sadly, there are some drawbacks. This isn’t the right diet for you, if you don’t like fruits and vegetables. Also, you will have to make your meals by yourself. So, if you don’t have enough time, this may be a problem.

This diet has cardiovascular benefits. It will keep cholesterol and blood pressure in normal range. Also, it is good for diabetes prevention. On the other side, there are no health risks of using this diet.