Different types of diets

Here’s a complete list of different types of diets that are taken by people all over the world. 

Vegetarian Diet
A vegetarian diet totally excludes all kinds of meats or any other by products of meats. It basically includes all kinds of vegetables, fruits, lacto vegetarianism, vegan and Lacto-ovo diet. 

Semi Vegetarian Diet
Semi vegetarian diet varies from region to region, where people may include or exclude meat, fish or poultry products in their diet as and when required. This diet also includes, flexible diet, pescetarian diet and plant based diet.

Belief or Religion Based Diet
This kind of diet is usually planned according to one’s belief, whether spiritual, religious or philosophical. The diet varies under different religions and laws. 

Weight Based Diet
This diet is primarily planned in order to help an individual gain or loose weight. Usually, there is low-calorie, low-carbohydrates, low fat or completely low calorie diet under this type.